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Falling for Destiny


Cassie needs a way out of her dead end relationship. When she meets Wes, an accidental glimpse into the future tells her she's found it. However, the more she learns about him in the present, the more the future looks uncertain.

The Head


co-written with Michael and Casey Keene

Peter was just your average mama's boy - until he met the Head. Now things are different. Momma doesn't say much anymore, and Peter's free to love as he sees fit. He loves the Head. The Head loves blood.

That's My Bagel


A husband and wife have a dispute over a bagel.  Things don't stay civil very long...



A young girl dealing with the loss of her deployed brother, struggles to find a way to cope.

Too Late


A woman struggling to save her marriage faces the possibility that she is in danger of more than just a broken heart.

Finders Keepers


A couple can't agree on what to do with a gun they find in their garage.

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